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of Waste Management Solutions

Global Resource Recovery work on the forefront of innovation and technology to provide waste management solutions to a broad range of industries. Explore Waste Management Solutions

waste management and Industrial Washwaters Treatment facility

Industrial Washwater Treatment

Specialist facility for treatment of industrial washwaters.


Hazardous & Chemical Waste

Safe processing and treatment of hazardous and chemical waste.


Integrated Waste Solutions

Servicing all industries, throughout Australia, with integrated waste solutions.


Waste Oil Processing & Recycling

Sustainable solutions for waste oil treatment.


Emergency Response

Your first port of call for for all industrial waste spills and HAZMAT emergencies.


Resource Recovery & Recycling

Customised solutions for ethical and environmentally friendly resource recovery and recycling.


Global Resource Recovery work across all industries delivering expert turn key waste management solutions. Our Laverton North facility is equipped for Liquid Hazardous Waste treatment, Hazardous Waste Management (incl PCB’s, Xanthates, Reactive), Waste Storage and Waste Inventory and Analysis

We specialise in providing environmentally friendly solutions for Metals Recycling, Waste Oil Processing and Recycling, as well as Emergency Response and Incident clean-up.

Our Stage 1 EPA License guarantees that we will work within the regulations stipulated by the EPA to ensure impacts and risks to the environment are minimised – providing peace of mind for our customers and expert solutions to a variety of industries.