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GRR process waste Coolants to recover the Glycol. The recovered Glycol is then recycled back into Coolant.

Coolants (antifreeze) are used in combustion engines. They remove heat to stop engines from overheating and lower the freezing point of water. They also help protect against corrosion.

The Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) industry add Mono Ethylene Glycol and Triethylene Flycol (TEG) to natural gas. This prevents both water particles from freezing in the pipelines and corrosion.

Up until now the majority of coolants are disposed of in the sewage system, composting, landfill or added to waste oil.

GRR process waste coolants and glycol to recover the Glycol component. The recovered Glycol is then supplied to GRR’s partner Marchem to reprocess the Glycol back into Coolant.