Leading Provider

of Waste Solutions

Waste Solutions

GRR tailor waste solutions to meet customer needs. We aim to be Australia’s leading provider of Waste Treatment and Resource Recovery Solutions.

GRR offers its customers state of the art treatment of waste.  We identify requirements specific to each customer. Evaluate and develop a sustainable solution. Deliver the service and recycle the product. Recovery of product and reuse back into the market being the ultimate outcome.

With two purpose built plants in Laverton North and Darwin. We have the resources to service customers Australia wide.

GRR waste services include:

  • Glycol Recycling
    • Coolants
    • MEG from LNG Plants
  • Neutralisation
    • Concentrated Acids
    • Concentrated Alkalis
    • Galvanising acid
  • Oil Recycling
    • Black Oil
    • Bilge and Bunker Oils
    • Non-PCB Transformer Oils
  • Waste Water Treatment
    • Contaminated Storm Water/ Leachate
    • Salty Waters
    • Industrial Wash Water
  • Other Hazardous Waste
    • Oxidisers
    • Metal Based Waste
    • Hard to treat waste
    • Solvents
  • Technical Services
    • Waste Inventory Analysis
    • Chemical Sorting and Repackaging

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