Leading Provider

of Waste Solutions

Stage 1 EPA License

Our Stage 1 EPA License guarantees that we will work within the regulations stipulated by the EPA to ensure impacts and risks to the environment are minimised – providing peace of mind for our customers and expert solutions to a variety of industries.

We can process the following waste types:

  • B100 Acids
  • C100 Alkali
  • D140 Chromium Compounds
  • D190 Copper Compounds
  • D200 Cobalt Compounds
  • D210 Nickel Compounds
  • D220 Lead Compounds
  • D240 Selenium Compounds
  • D300 Non-toxic salts
  • F100 Aqueous inks and dyes
  • F110 Aqueous Resins
  • D170 Antimony Compounds
  • J100 Waste Oils
  • J110 Waste Hydrocarbons
  • J120 Waste oil emulsions
  • J130 TIT Waste
  • J140 Transformer oil no PCB
  • D230 Zinc Compounds
  • J150 Cutting Oils
  • L100 Car & Truck Washwaters
  • L150 Industrial Washwaters
  • N210 Residues from Pollution Control Operations NOS
  • N250 Absorbents Contaminated with Prescribed Waste Residues
  • T130 Inert Sludges and Slurries